From Acquisition to Brand Loyalty: The Conversion

Transforming leads into customers means transforming conversions into relationships


converting a lead to a customer

A positive uptick in GA4 unique visitors, page views, and referrals on your website usually signals that the lead gen tactics used to drive awareness and traffic are effective. But the real test is about what those visitors are doing once they’ve discovered your brand. Are they engaged with your content and downloading whitepapers?  Have they shared their interests? Are they interested in the benefits your brand offers?  And the end goal- are they buying your products or services?

Activating a lead goes back to your data and how well you know your target audience.  Are strategies in place to deliver a mutually beneficial value exchange to gain consent; learn about preferences, pain points, and motivations; earn trust; and build relationships? This amplified data opens avenues that foster additional ways to tailor communications and educate potential customers on the features and benefits of your product or service and how it helps to achieve objectives and goals. 

Breaking down data silos across all channels to connect the dots and create customer data profiles results in building a more accurate customer journey map. Incorporating buyer personas, basket and sequence analysis, personalization that takes preferences into account, and channel specific technology, will better guide the activation stage. According to, to achieve this big-picture view, marketers must be able to bring in data across every customer touchpoint, including information from call centers, chatbots, in-store interactions, and more.*

Looking at lead conversion from the buyer’s point of view takes into account the overall experience from discovery to post purchase. Is the integration process seamless and well organized? Are product tutorials, descriptions, and how to care for instructions easy to find? Is customer support available, if needed?   Does the brand offer other products and services that may be of interest?

From a brand POV, converting a lead should include an onboarding strategy that delivers targeted, personalized communications related to the conversion action to provide an opportunity to grow the relationship. Recent client analysis that tracked new customers over three years discovered that 99% of those who opted into email and a loyalty program did so within four weeks of their first purchase. Additionally, those who opted in were 3X more likely to have a repeat purchase within the first month and their average spend per transaction was 4X more in a timely manner. Leveraging analytic models and preference experiences into the strategy sets up near-term future purchases and keeps the brand top of mind.

Each stage along the journey is a continuous build upon the previous. Connecting the lines between the technology that collects and organizes data points with a process to continually analyze and optimize that information reduces customer friction, fosters engagement and becomes the foundation for relationships. 

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