From Lead Generation to Brand Loyalty: Building a Brand Advocate

Retaining your customers through engagement and satisfaction


Building a brand advocate

Relationships are fickle, whether they’re personal or professional. When we think of the basic ways they’re built and nurtured, they rely on a series of exchanges that benefit all parties. What makes relationships with brands complex is the ongoing effort to listen, engage and respond to consumers’ needs and interests that frequently change, in addition to the noise from competitors offering new or superior products, better buying experiences, or lower prices. Customer satisfaction and advocacy are built by putting the customer, not the brand, at the center of campaigns. Retaining and building a customer base = Engagement + Satisfaction + Loyalty

At this stage of the journey, retention and loyalty cross paths and having a 360 view of customers both online and offline guide the omnichannel strategies to reach buyers through their preferred method of communication, with the right targeted messages. Enhanced data integration and additional preferences collected through engagement and reactivation experiences drive more personalized and segmented emails, content, and social media campaigns to improve cross selling and upselling opportunities, as well as provide more relevant offers and promotions. Conversation goes two ways, so providing ample opportunities for feedback, reviews, and suggestions is essential to making customers feel appreciated and heard.

When zero-, first-, and third-party data and insights are collected, shared, and stored along each stage of the journey, the information is ripe for analyzation. Building models that can quickly process thousands of data points from multiple sources to synthesize recency and frequency of purchases, customer lifetime values, engagement scoring, multi-touch attribution, and attrition/churn rates can provide a competitive advantage. This also fosters customer growth and provide insights to create more focused campaigns that reactivate one-off and lost customers.

Building personal connections between a customer and a brand goes far beyond addressing someone by name. It’s an evolving process that adapts to a consumer’s changing needs. Building a journey map that incorporates automated brand sentiment checks and testing promotion, loyalty, and win-back campaigns results in regularly updated data that is funneled back into models for optimization. The outcome: Customers that trust a brand, the quality of its products, and services. Then their buying experience is more likely to provide referrals and they are more likely to become loyal advocates. These are the outcomes that are the building blocks to growth.

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