From Lead Generation to Brand Loyalty: Customer Acquisition Strategy 

What are the moving parts behind acquiring customers? Let's have a look behind the curtain.


The CustomerrJourney

When designing customer journeys, putting oneself in the customer seat provides an opportunity to map out the first series of actions that provide awareness and interest on the road to purchasing a product or service. Those actions include visiting a website, reading blogs and reviews, comparing prices and benefits of similar products or service providers, and, when interested, requesting information, bookmarking a product, or scheduling a call.

Flipping the perspective from a buyer to marketer POV, let’s look at the customer acquisition funnel and the various activities that foster awareness and interest in your brand.  Think about:

  • What channels are best for top of funnel leads to discover your brand?
  • How do you capture website leads, gather customer intelligence to create profiles, and build an accurate audience database?
  • How will you create awareness and interest through creative campaigns and informative blogs?
  • What desired actions, like filling out lead forms, signing up for newsletters, or booking a demo, meet the end goal of purchasing your brands products or service?

Data is the start, middle, and end to all successful customer journeys. But how that data is captured, cleaned, analyzed, and manipulated to deliver on the desired objectives and goals depends on a process that involves technology, analytical modeling, and a creative marketing mix. From acquiring leads to nurturing a loyal customer, building a roadmap for customer journeys is a cross-functional effort that involves all aspects of the marketing ecosystem.

What lies behind the curtain to successful lead gen programs goes deeper than a content strategy or PPC campaign. How lead data is ingested, synthesized, and acted upon is equally important to the go-to-market strategy implemented to drive brand awareness. Do you have:

  • A web to lead process set up to seamlessly import information to the CRM?
  • A database set up to cleanse, organize, and accurately identify the data? 
  • Customer experiences to capture zero-party data that earn consent, opt-in permission, and buyer preferences which open the door to additional communications and sales?
  • A descriptive profiling approach that delivers more accurate predictive and responsive modeling to identify your target audience?

Customer Journeys are reliant on data and are only as good as your data. The acquisition stage is the entryway to a brand. Getting the introduction to your potential audience right from the start triggers actions that reverberate throughout the journey. Having a clear and accurate audience profile of your best audience, their preferences and permissions, and the ability to personalize and segment the information offered, provides marketers a more effective way to nurture a lead to a customer.  See how to connect data, analytics, and martech to increase leads and reduce the timeline from prospect to buyer. 

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