How Allant Group is Breaking the Traditional Data Mold

Here's a dive into how Allant's Audience Management Platform (AMP+) is breaking traditional data "rules" and transforming data processing, analysis, and activation.


Breaking the rules

Breaking the Rules: Diving Inside the Game-Changing AMP+ with Eli Ontiveros

In an era where data is the new currency, processing this vast digital wealth drives modern enterprises forward. Allant Group’s AMP+ and its Audience Attribute Marketplace have emerged as a beacon in this revolution, redefining the norms of data handling and analysis. These tools are helping Allant Group to break the rules of what is possible with customer data.  

Eli Ontiveros, Allant Group’s SVP of Technology, is integral to this movement. During a recent conversation with SVP of Marketing Linda Vetter, Eli provided invaluable insights into how AMP+ is not just an upgrade but is transformative to data processing, analysis, and activation.  

What makes AMP+ so different from other data tools?  

AMP+ started life as a data analysis tool aimed squarely at data scientists for speedy and efficient data wrangling and analysis. However, what is exciting and the first ‘break in the rules’ is how this tool will marry together the role of the data scientist and marketer. The tool’s ease makes it a no-brainer to offer it to marketers who can speed up campaigns and get to market faster. This removes barriers currently in place where marketers are waiting days, weeks, or even months to access data to take to market.  

“For me, the most exciting aspect is tackling the big data elements that have long been a bottleneck for marketers,” Ontiveros revealed. Reflecting on past experiences, he acknowledged the limitations that once undermined data-focused applications. “Marketers often stumble when you push beyond certain data thresholds,” he added, highlighting a dilemma familiar to many in the sector. 

However, the dawn of AMP+ has heralded a transformative approach. “What we’re engineering here is a platform that empowers marketers to host limitless volumes of data,” Ontiveros explained. Contrary to the restrictive norms — where organizations often set caps on the data allowed — AMP+ invites unprecedented inclusivity: “Bring everything you’ve amassed in your marketing journey. There’s no ceiling with us.” 

This comprehensive approach addresses a critical pain point encountered with traditional data management tools — the time-consuming grind to derive insights as the volume of data scales. “The more data you amass, the more arduous it gets to discern your customer profile,” Ontiveros stated. But with AMP+, Allant turns the tables on this challenge. “With us, irrespective of the data’s breadth, you’re gaining insights in mere seconds.” 

This efficiency isn’t just about speed but the synergy between quantity and quality. “Consider your first-party data, the information you’ve meticulously gathered over the years,” Ontiveros suggests. “AMP+ doesn’t just accommodate these vast data sets; it enables instant, actionable analytics, a feat that becomes even more impressive with the extensive library of audience attributes with which AMP+ is forging alliances.” 

“It’s not just the agility but also the richness of data that we bring to your fingertips,” painting a picture of a tool that’s not just an asset but a game-changer in the marketing arena. With AMP+, the conversation shifts from the constraints of ‘how much data can we handle?’ to the liberating prospects of ‘what more can we do with all this data?’ 

How else is AMP+ changing the rules of data?  

> Revolutionizing File Management 

Traditional SaaS systems can bog down users with extensive data export times, a challenge that AMP+ proficiently circumvents. Ontiveros reflected, “Anyone can say they have the speed and have the cloud. But seeing it in action and going against Allant’s Audience Attribute Marketplace in AMP+ changes the game.” This shift is not merely operational but signifies a change in how data is visualized and handled. 

> Allowing Seamless Data Movement and Collaboration 

AMP+ brings fluidity to data movement across different arms of a previously fragmented organization. “The movement of data throughout a client’s organization is more seamless,” Ontiveros observed. This seamless integration means departments are no longer siloed. Rather, they are integrated facets of a well-oiled machine. 

> Driving Autonomy and Efficiency in Data Management 

One remarkable breakthrough with AMP+ is the autonomy it affords its users. “People don’t need to talk to other teams. A marketer can do all this without relying on the data engineer,” stated Ontiveros. This self-reliance in data management streamlines processes, reducing bottlenecks and enhancing efficiency. 

> A Paradigm Shift in Data Analysis 

The advent of AMP+ marks a “paradigm shift in how things are done,” according to Ontiveros. This shift, while awe-inspiring, also carries a daunting aspect as it “gives the ability to do more with less.” The implications for the job market and operational tactics are profound, signaling a need for adaptability and continuous learning. 

> Real-time Data Management and Processing 

Ontiveros notes that AMP+’s approach is revolutionary, likening traditional methods to a “dump” approach. The ability to see data in action to interact with it in real-time negates past inefficiencies and breathes vitality into the data management and processing landscape. 

Case Study: National Communications Client’s Data Integration 

Illustrating AMP+’s efficacy, Ontiveros discussed the integration of substantial datasets from business units in a merger of two significant data files of a national communications client. “We do the prospecting for our client, but we also get another network’s subscriber files, understanding who is a subscriber to the other network provider.” This integration showcases AMP+’s robustness and flexibility, handling complex data landscapes with finesse. (Tip: Stay tuned for an entire case study on the outcomes of this project; the impact is likely to show significant growth for the client.)  

The future is bright. The future is rich with promise.  

For clients working with AMP+, the horizon is bright with promise. “It opens the doors to do more exploratory kinds of data analysis,” Ontiveros forecasted. This exploratory potential propels businesses into new realms of insight and strategy powered by fast, accurate, data-driven decision-making. 

AMP+ is not merely a technological step forward; it is a leap into a new era of data management and analysis. These firsthand insights underscore the platform’s transformative impact, from internal operations to market implications. As businesses adapt to this change, AMP+ stands as a testament to the innovation and forward-thinking that will shape the competitive strategies of tomorrow’s enterprises. 

About the authors 

Eli Ontiveros, SVP, Technology 

Eli has over 20 years of experience in email, digital, and database marketing, with a focus on aligning technology and data with marketing to drive business outcomes. His professional passion is building relationships and leading the teams that develop client solutions. Eli enjoys working on the most challenging projects and complex clients, infusing positivity into team dynamics. His experience includes orchestrating solutions across retail, healthcare, travel, tech, and media.  Most recently, Eli was the VP of Client Services Engineering at Data-Axle.  In his spare time, Eli loves to travel and eat his way through new and exciting destinations. When at home in Colorado, you can find him running, hiking, or stand-up paddle boarding with his wife and dog, Gus. 

Linda Vetter, SVP, Marketing 

Linda is a demand-generation expert with over 20 years of experience implementing strategic brand awareness and lead generation marketing programs for B2B companies. Prior to Allant Group, Linda was SVP, Marketing at 3radical where she was responsible for building in-market recognition, credibility, and demand for 3radical’s Voco audience engagement platform across North America, the UK, and APAC. Previously, Linda was Head of Demand Gen at Fluent, Inc., VP Marketing at Motista, SVP, Marketing at Yes Lifecycle Marketing, and Director, Marketing at Alterian. 

Born and bred on the northside of Chicago, Linda is a foodie-in-training, wine-snob-wannabe, and tries not to need to be talked off the ledge regarding her beloved Chicago Cubs… there’s always next year. 

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