Unlocking Insights Over Information

Unlock the value of your data to unleash actionable insights for improving marketing performance.


Unlock the value of your data to unleash actionable insights for improving marketing performance.

Marketing automation platforms excel at building and executing sophisticated campaigns across large volumes of audience data, creating hundreds of highly targeted customer segments.

Because they can process and generate tremendous amounts of data, they have become indispensable for some of the world’s biggest and most complex organizations that require personalization at scale, precision customer targeting, and the ability to manage multiple offers and campaign waves.

This emphasis on executional power has created an opportunity to reveal actionable insights into marketing performance. Marketers are seeking ways to bring in external sales data and combine it with marketing data, for better insights, attribution and optimization.

When we saw clients asking for this type of customized reporting, we acted on the chance to create a flexible and intuitive dashboard solution that would add a business perspective.

It’s Easy to Set Up

Combining data from internal sources with external campaign results and sales data allows each dashboard to be customized based on your own business rules, and to be configured to how each user wants the information displayed. Executives can receive a simplified view for ongoing monitoring, for example, while marketing or sales teams can get more analytical views for a deeper dive into campaign performance.

In real time, clients can now gain valuable insights into email open & click rates, subject line and messaging effectiveness, creative testing, conversion rates, and more for each audience segment and campaign deployment.

According to Garry Rosenfeldt, Principal, Analytics and Business Intelligence for Allant Group, dashboards “satisfy the need for fast and accurate results and reporting that show clients what they’re getting for their marketing dollar, while opening the door for marketing optimization.”

Rosenfeldt says that the new solution can be tied to customer data for an accurate picture of which campaign elements are driving the most conversions “Once you have your baseline results, you can then use those insights to make inspired changes for continuous improvement. Companies really can’t optimize their campaigns without a granular view of the results.”

In just a few weeks, companies can set up real-time, customizable dashboards that combine information and intelligence for a more complete view of campaign performance. The process starts with a discovery phase to determine a client’s reporting needs, mandatory metrics, and dashboard configuration requirements. From there, the Allant team builds and tests a prototype, refines functionality, then rolls out the solution in a fully enabled production environment, and provides ongoing support.

By providing easy and timely access to core metadata, Allant can provide your team with actionable insights designed to optimize campaign results, channel engagement, and profitability. To learn more about this valuable marketing tool, contact us today.

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