Minimize data challenges and get campaigns in-market faster

If your data management platform isn’t providing business, customer, and audience intelligence all in one environment, then you’re missing the mark.


Marketers are often challenged to overcome various hurdles as they move prospects and customers along their customer journey. Limited resources, disparate and complex platforms that don’t connect, and the inefficiencies and costs of current data management practices are a few things that impede reaching their goals.  Although Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) ‘say’ they unify data to enable a single view of a customer, they often have limited analytical capabilities to produce actionable insights – like targeting the most likely customers – and require a high degree of technical expertise to configure.

Most organizations have cobbled together existing tools that lack a cohesive data design. Marketers need a platform purpose built to efficiently and rapidly provide the tools they need to understand and act in the same motion.

In a perfect world, data discovery and transformation are all-in-one, easy to use platform, removing the challenges of cleansing, organizing, sorting, segmenting, and activating data to output insights that deliver results that drive revenue and customer LTV. 

Meet Allant Group’s audience management platform: AMP+, a streamlined end-to-end analytics data management platform built specifically for the marketer. It simplifies the complex ingestion of large and, perhaps, less than clean data sources so they can be activated without the necessity of writing SQL. Taking it a step beyond the data, the database and data repository are underpinned by a hyper-fast query engine designed for ‘no code’ reporting, analytics, segmentation, and data processing. Its user interface is also loaded with hundreds of built-in automation accelerators to assist in getting targeted campaigns with higher performing audiences in-market quicker. Much quicker!

AMP+ goes beyond collecting and unifying data into one location. Its core capabilities function like intelligence processing platforms that transform, visualize, discover, and fulfill.  The platform’s core capabilities include:

  • Performs basic changes without the need to move data to another system
  • Digs deep into stats and predictive analytics without writing SQL
  • Attaches models to the data in place and accelerates their execution which reduce the effort and time needed by data science teams to go from data ingest to ready to model
  • Incorporates retention and acquisition campaign audience management and seamlessly connects to channel agnostic campaign delivery providers, i.e., email, SMS, etc.
  • Creates and publishes business intelligence-style reports to desired recipients

The all-in-one platform brings together the people, process, and technology to put your consented zero-party and first-party data at the center of your audience orchestration strategy. AMP+’s directional approach to data is geared towards providing marketers, data analysts, and campaign managers with advanced data capabilities without the need for developers. This is noteworthy because it minimizes the typical challenges it takes to get campaigns in-market.  Additionally, automated audience profiling enables a marketer to get a quick start against gigantic data sources, such as the US census data, and then be able to understand how their segments, audiences, and campaigns profile against it.

Large brands, like one of the leading U.S. insurers, are enhancing their organization’s data with Allant’s industry-specific audience data of more than 250M U.S. customers to evaluate just how easy AMP+ ingests, harmonizes, analyzes, and activates their data for action. Curious to see how it works? Download a more detailed look at AMP+ or contact a specialist to learn more about scheduling an Audience Activation Assessment.

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