Audience Attribute Marketplace

Data made easy

2B+ audience members and 1300+ attributes, easily accessible all in one frictionless environment.

Allant's Audience Attribute Marketplace is a subscription-based service - so you only pay for what you need - giving marketers and data scientists seamless access to multiple consumer databases, including compiled, attitudinal, and event data.

Audience Attribute Marketplace

Allant has partnered with over 25 audience attribute providers, including complimentary and enhanced data compilers, giving users easy access to multiple data sources, all assembled in one platform. This delivers unparalleled efficiency and speed - allowing marketers to activate the most accurate portrayal of their ideal customers in-market in hours, instead of days or weeks.

Download a more detailed look at Allant's Audience Attribute Marketplace (PDF)

Key Benefits

  • Subscription-based model means pay for only what you need
  • Full analytic value of each attribute in each database in a single platform
  • Explore compiled, attitudinal, and life event data on top of your first-party data
  • Get the most accurate portrayal of your ideal customers in one frictionless environment
  • Significant cost reduction relative to traditional infrastructure, hardware, and developers

The best data is the data that works. And the data that works will prove itself out in performance.

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