Smart data drives better results.

Allant’s data-driven marketing solutions draw from a wide range of data sources and apply advanced analytics to paint an accurate, detailed picture of your best customers and prospects — who they are, where they live, what they like, and how they buy — to get results faster and more efficiently.

OPTIMIZE data before it contaminates the solution

Validate, Normalize, and Cleanse

  • Standardize and parse key elements
  • Identify and correct anomalies
  • Update address, email, and phone

INTENSIFY with known elements & predictors

Enhance customer profiles to bring insights and opportunities for custom segmentation

  • Zero-party data: preferences, motivations, intent,
  • Demographics
  • Lifestyles / Life Stage / Interests / Experiences
  • Touchpoints (address, phone, email, social, etc.)

RECOGNIZE your customer

Connect disparate data across databases and touch-points

  • Identify the individual and the household
  • Establish 'golden' representation of the customer
  • Synchronize identifiers accurately across multiple channels over time

MOBILIZE a customer journey

Animate each opportunity armed with data-driven awareness

  • Acquisition – new customers and new markets
  • Activation – bring leads to life
  • Retention – deepen and expand your value
  • Loyalty – enhance engagement and lifetime value

Introducing Allant's

Allant's Audience Attribute Marketplace is a subscription-based service, giving users seamless access to 2B+ audience members and 1300+ attributes from more than 25 data providers all in one frictionless environment. CLICK HERE to see how you can get the most accurate portrayal of your ideal customers to market more expeditiously AND with a significant cost reduction relative to traditional infrastructure, hardware, and developers.


Acquiring new customers is the most critical initiative most brands face.  You can’t expect revenue growth without it. How you make this happen is up to you, which means that all strategies will be different and yield different results. The marketer must identify and understand who their best customer is and communicate when, how, and at the frequency appropriate to the offer, the brand, and their preferences. Reaching customers-to-be can be incredibly challenging if a brand knows little about their audience. Fortunately, Allant provides tools to help build audiences more likely to hear your message and be open to engaging with your brand.  No matter the industry, the first step is building recognition and trust with your market. No success is possible without these two elements.  This is where the right data can help.

Data-driven marketing tools
Data-driven marketing solutions


Now that you have leads pouring into your CRM, you must make the most of this valued resource. Here, your goal is to motivate your prospective customer to fully realize the benefits of doing business with you. As you build familiarity, data is critical to understanding who they are, want they want, and how they prefer to be contacted.


Now that your leads have become your customers, your number one priority is keeping them and turning them into repeat buyers. Allant helps brands employ a well-planned customer retention program that is vital to growing your brand and guaranteeing its long-term success.

Data Expertise
Data Expertise


Loyalty represents a strong feeling of support or allegiance. Repeat customers receive intangible benefits in buying from your company. Discounts and incentives can help but don't forget the value gained from being associated with your brand. The customer experience must be actively nurtured to produce positive results. Do nothing and loyalty will likely wane.

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