Convert big data into the right data. Fast.

At Allant Group, our data-driven marketing solutions draw from a wide range of data sources and apply advanced analytics to paint an accurate, detailed picture of your best customers and prospects — who they are, where they live, what they like, how they shop and more — to get marketing results faster, more efficiently and effectively.

Acquire it.

Identify, compile and verify the most relevant, useful and meaningful data, whether it’s yours or what the market offers. Develop profiles to help you clearly define the customers and prospects who are ready to buy your products and services.

Data-driven marketing tools
Data-driven marketing solutions

Enhance it.

Access and explore our vast third-party data assets to develop a holistic view of your consumer and business customer profiles and to make your data more robust, accurate, complete and valuable.

Integrate it.

Leverage Allant’s advanced, highly flexible identity resolution and data platform capabilities to accelerate the speed of data preparation and integration. That means you get better insights for decision-making, faster.

Data Expertise
Data Expertise

Manage it.

Benefit from our data-wrangling expertise, which applies automated processing technology to make sure your data is accurate and stays that way. Using advanced data hygiene, linking and enhancement tools, we’ll simplify and clean the data so it’s usable for analysis. Then we’ll put it to work through data engineering services that include data aggregation, manipulation, derived attribution creation, scoring, response attribution and custom business rules.


Know them. Segment them. Reach them.

Demographic data

We offer data-driven marketing solutions that draw from more than 3,000 categories to identify your best customers — and find more like them — to strengthen relationships, fine-tune offers and improve cross-selling.

Life event triggers

We leverage our wide range of multisource customer data to identify important life events that can predict and trigger new demand for products and services.

In-market interest/intent

Allant mines a vast amount of cross-device data for insights on interests and behaviors to enhance customer relationship management (CRM) lists, personalize offers and identify ideal customers.

Market Mindsets

Allant identifies retail audiences at an individual level, focused around 24 mindsets — specific shopping preferences and buying behaviors — to enable laser-precise customer targeting and engagement.

Location data

Allant provides data to execute location-intelligent media campaigns, allowing you to analyze movement patterns to uncover additional insights.

OneTouch Data Solutions

Whether you need to process millions of records or react to real-time requests,  Allant’s OneTouch Data Solutions provide access to our services where, when and how you need them from fully-automated batch or real-time data to drive your MarTech Apps.

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A 1,000-store U.S. women’s retail clothing chain turned to Allant to overhaul its loyalty program and improve and track customer engagement.

Insurance/Financial Services

Insurance/Financial Services

Allant helped one of the nation’s largest insurance providers improve multisourced data access and analytics to support marketing across multiple business units.



This major wireless telecom provider needed a solution that would stitch together online and offline behavior to improve customer targeting and reduce attributable sales cost.

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