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Are you CDP ready?

Personalized marketing has demonstrated strong results, and the workhorse of this approach is a CDP. With a CDP in place, you can target based on specific user behaviors over time, tailoring a customer experience to niche segments while complying with privacy laws.

Introducing CDP Blueprint™

If you’re just starting to look into adding a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to your marketing mix, or if you need to rethink or refine your approach, Allant Group has developed a compact, comprehensive method to bridge the gap between the status quo and personalization at scale.

Our CDP Blueprint synthesizes your business goals, resources, partner ecosystem, and marketing plans and maps them to existing and required technologies and data flows in your MarTech stack. It’s a 12-week engagement that results in a clear roadmap with the blueprints to execute.

The CDP Blueprint Gets You CDP-Ready

With Allant’s CDP Blueprint:

  • We deliver initial use cases and a proof of concept that starts with small, immediate wins to ensure success
  • We define what can be accomplished this month, this quarter, and this year
  • We help you understand the appropriate CDPs to accomplish your objectives
  • We frame the pace and accomplishments in terms of your business requirements, budget and resources
  • We ensure maximum value from your MarTech investments

From swift execution across data systems to everyday operations, to the development of powerful new marketing initiatives—no matter where you are in your CDP journey, Allant can help drive more valuable results and insights.


Allant Services at a Glance

We have the knowledge and experience to help you manage all your CDP deployments:

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Allant’s Philosophy

As we help you and your organization make the most of your CDP implementation, we take the following approach to a successful implementation:

  • We help you think long-term while launching your systems and reporting formats quickly
  • We bring strong partnerships with multiple advanced CDP providers
    • The partner recommended will be based on alignment with your business needs
    • Alternatively, we can work with MarTech that you’ve already selected
  • We use agile thinking for ideation and design
  • We immerse ourselves in your business and work with you side-by-side
  • We provide frequent status updates with demos and screenshots to ensure you are briefed
  • We consistently test, check and ensure continuous quality integration

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