Myth vs. Reality

Deconstructing customer data platforms

As brands continue to struggle to improve customer experiences, embrace digital transformations and meet rising customer expectations, they are finding that traditional database technologies can no longer handle the variety, volume or speed of customer data. Enter Customer Data Platforms (CDPs).

CDPs have emerged as a potential solution to address the long-standing challenges for marketers:

  • Wrangling customer data into a persistent, universal profile
  • Making that data available for analysis and action

The interest and excitement around the CDP solution has drawn over 100 vendors to the market. Consequently, this has created confusion. Why? Because each vendor has a different set of capabilities and their own definition of what a CDP solution should provide.

Discover how to cut through the noise and separate myth from reality with Michael Harrison, Director, Winterberry Group and Paul Ernst, SVP, Campaign Management, Allant Group in this on-demand webinar. ​​​

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