With 30+ years as a trailblazer in the marketing and professional services arena, Jay brings his significant track record of identifying opportunities for data processing improvement and solutions delivery through resourcefulness and collaboration to Allant Group. He is a trusted advisor to both executives and customers, blending product expertise with thought leadership to achieve comfort of competence and progress above expectation. Prior to Allant, Jay was the Director, Commercial List sales at DirectMail.com, where he was responsible for the acquisition and curation of new and existing accounts. Jay built his industry foothold via his 28 year tenure at Infogroup (now DataAxle), where he was responsible for the enablement of their data sales groups. Jay and his wife Annie are in the throes of raising four kids and provide sanctuary for a menagerie of domesticated critters.  They are all loved very much but take a back seat once the home state Cornhuskers are on the field.