The Power of HCL Unica in One Dashboard

Garner insights on personalization, goals and campaigns while maximizing your data investment.

Watch Allant's webinar on leveraging HCL Unica data.

The Power Of Unica Is In The Data

Every Unica module generates a great deal of data.  In this webinar, we'll demonstrate how to extract, visualize and learn from that data to give executives and marketers insights into performance and how to optimize campaigns.

What you'll get from this webinar:

  • Gain campaign insights across channels and systems
  • Enable and visualize conversion performance metrics
  • See details for creative optimization
  • Understand time series effectiveness
  • Eliminate the need for custom development while saving resource

Presented by:  Garry Rosenfeldt, Principal of Analytics and Business Intelligence for Allant Group; and, Tom Hannigan, Unica Group Practice Leader with HCL Unica.

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