A step by step process for brands

Determine if a customer data platform meets your needs

In the past few years, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) have emerged as a proposed solution to a long-existing challenge: wrangling customer data into a persistent, universal profile and making the data available for analysis and action. Yet confusion remains as to what capabilities CDPs should have and how they best deliver value to marketers.

This report provides clarity on these questions by outlining the capabilities of all true CDPs, evaluating adjacent/alternative solutions, exploring the top use cases for these platforms and sharing a long-term outlook for the market. The paper shows a strong need to clarify what a CDP is and isn’t, how a CDP can deliver value, and whether marketers should or shouldn’t work with a CDP.

Download the report today, courtesy of Allant Group, to learn how CDPs can help with:

  • Ingesting the right volume and speed of data for your business
  • Combining cross-channel data
  • Enabling omnichannel orchestration
  • Providing audience insights and discovery to non-technical/analytical user
  • Using insights to inform customer interactions in real-time
  • Providing data visibility, clarity, and compliance