Acquisition And Shopping Behavior

Are you holiday ready?

Final touches are being made to digital properties, like websites, mobile apps and social media platforms. Holiday décor is being set up in open brick and mortar locations. The inventory is stocked and being merchandised across all channels. Campaigns and promotions have been drafted. But what about your targeting and data strategy?

Make your holiday marketing wishes come true by implementing digital strategies to target your best prospects.

With a heavy reliance on digital channels this year—and, with an expected record-breaking season of digital growth, including 24 billion emails to be sent the week of Cyber Monday—it’s imperative that you target the right audiences with the right message, in order to stand out from the crowd.


Average American Household Holiday Spending

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With Allant’s acquisition and shopping behavior databases, you can find the exact customer audiences you’re seeking. Below are just a few examples:

Something Unique
While experiential gifts are on the decline due to COVID 19, there are still activities that can be done at a safe distance.  Access the shoppers looking for gifts to focus on activities and experiences, like camping, kayaking, hiking, arts & crafts, reading and more.

Partying with the “Bubble” Group
Whether they’re having a few friends over for pumpkin carving and chili, hosting the family at home for Thanksgiving, or celebrating the New Year with a few close friends from their COVID bubble…you can find the customers looking for grocery delivery for at-home foodie explorations, or those looking for the perfect party option, ranging from catering to delivery or subscription services.

Holiday Customs
From Halloween through the New Year, Kwanzaa to Eid Al-Fitr—we all have our sacred customs and traditions to be celebrated. Find the audiences looking for seasonal treats, special clothes, home décor and more.

Power Decorators
Like the Griswold’s from Christmas Vacation, these families go all out with their holiday décor throughout the season. Find the households most likely to spend big on seasonal décor that will blow out the electrical system.

Health Conscious
While some indulge in the cookies, pie and fudge, others are more careful—tracking their calories, steps and heart rate. Step up to the customers focused on maintaining their fitness activities throughout the season.


This year’s holiday sales will be unlike anything we have seen previously, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Customers will be shopping new brands and new products
  • Shopping focus will be on value, safety and convenience
  • New anonymous customers will be visiting digital properties

With the right data, strategy and identification technology, you’ll be able to target and engage the right customers to increase your acquisition prospects and your holiday sales.

To gain better insights on your target audiences—and to save 20% off your data purchase—contact Allant today.

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