Anonymous To Known

Bridge the physical and the digital to create a holistic picture of your customers.

By recognizing your customers wherever they interact with your brand, businesses can build stronger ties across all devices and channels and, as a result, reinforce brand value and loyalty.

Cross Device and Anonymous to Known Identification allows you to create the framework to personalize your approach to each distinct individual custom and prospect by building profiles through device and channel data, behavior and interactions, self-supplied information, purchase and customer data along with third-party data sources.


Data is captured when someone visits your website. This data can be collected from IP addresses, device IDs, tags or pixels.  Once you have your core visitor data, a reverse match is then conducted to convert the visitor’s data into a usable name and address.

There are also two methods of analysis that are applied: Probabilistic or Deterministic.

The probabilistic method determines the likelihood that different devices represent the same person. Because the method relies on being probable as opposed to specific, it may be less certain, but it can also be more adaptive, such as for targeting audiences for ads.

Conversely, the deterministic approach matches a user to a precise identifier, like an app ID, an e-mail address or a social media log-in. Since it aims for exact pairings, the deterministic approach provides a more accurate view of the customer. This is ideal for direct, personalized communications.

Your contact data can be used as-is, or it can be layered with additional data, tools and supplemental information to create a more detailed view of your customer or prospect. Either way, you gain insights into your customers. That knowledge can be used to strategically craft your messages and offers, customizing details based on their interests and values.



There are many benefits to gaining a complete and accurate picture of your customers, including:

  • Capturing and converting anonymous web traffic into actionable data
  • Determining whether visitors are customers or new prospects
  • Enabling personalized communication
  • Defining strategic omnichannel outreach whether via mail, email and/or online channels
  • Assessing performance and ROI attribution

Plus, as is so important today, the process is completely privacy compliant, with no way to directly tie the data back to a digital identifier.

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