Introducing AMP+

Simplify the Complex.

Harmonize data sources to quickly assemble, aggregate, and activate audiences.

Allant's Audience Management Platform (AMP+) is a streamlined, first of its kind, end-to-end analytics data platform built for the marketer and underpinned by a hyper-fast query engine designed for 'no code' reporting, analytics, segmentation, and data processing.

The quality of a data-driven marketing strategy will only ever be as good as the quality of its data management. But the broken promises of marketing clouds and CDPs continue to create the inability to make data easily accessible and manageable for marketers due to complex implementation and process demands. Effectively analyzing and activating data, in many cases, is easier said than done. 

Until now. 

Allant’s Audience Management Platform (AMP+) unifies data ingestion, transformation, visualization, discovery, and fulfilment. Its directional approach to data is geared towards providing marketers, data analysts, and campaign managers with agile, advanced data capabilities without the need for developers. Its native speed-of-compute gives marketers true train-of-thought analysis as they work with granular, atomic-level data in an iterative and agile environment. The actualization of this data then gives marketers the ability to act on their discoveries – immediately.  Download a more detailed look at AMP+ (PDF)

What's in it for the Marketer?

The AMP+ drag-n-drop environment was built to simplify the complex ingestion of large and sometimes less than clean data sources so they can be activated without the necessity of writing SQL, giving marketers the ability to seamlessly dig deep into stats and predictive analytics. This speed and agility will revolutionize how marketing teams can use their data and respond to their audience’s changing requirements and demands.

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Data Scientists 2

What's in it for the Data Scientist?

AMP+ has integrated modeling capabilities which reduce the effort and time needed by data science teams to go from data ingest to ready to model. Additionally, automated audience profiling enables teams to get a quick start against gigantic data sources and then be able to understand how their segments, audiences, and campaigns profile against it.

Fundamental Features

Allant’s Audience Management Platform (AMP+) brings together the people, process, and technology to put your first-party data at the center of your audience orchestration strategy.


See for Yourself

Contact us if you are interested in participating in an Audience Activation Assessment. This assessment gives organizations the opportunity to enhance their data with Allant’s industry-specific audience data of more than 250M U.S. customers and then evaluate how quickly and easily AMP+ ingests, harmonizes, analyzes, and activates this data for action.  Download (PDF) for more information on Allant's Audience Activation Assessment.

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