Human led.
Technology enabled.

We are data-wrangling experts. Our technology-agnostic solutions work within your current tech stack to optimize your end-to-end customer engagement journeys. We help  fill the top of the funnel, retain and grow customers, engage and drive LTV, and filter analysis by customer preference, motivation, and intent. You could say it’s in our DNA.

Human Led

Allant's Data Scientists are expert statisticians, but marketing analytics is much more than math and algorithms. We operate under the premise that desired outcomes are driven by the perfect combination of Science + Art. Numbers don't lie, but misinterpreting metrics and measures at any step can derail a model. We leverage your industry expertise with our proven experience and quickly become brand experts. We will help you make decisions with your head instead of your gut.

Advanced data analytics tools
New Customer Segmentation

Technology Enabled

Allant utilizes the most sophisticated platforms available today: statistical analysis and predictive analytics machine-learning/AI (PAML). Our tools integrate seamlessly with R and Python and can simultaneously develop hundreds of iterations leveraging various modeling methodologies. In the same amount of time it takes some analysts to build a single model, we are able to analyze the output of hundreds of candidate models to hone in on the best solution.

We will help brands create a centralized marketing database that is accessible and intuitively explorable, with the ability to activate the data across all engagement channels to drive meaningful, actionable, and scalable insights throughout the customer lifecycle.


Predictive Modeling is more than just an audience targeting mechanism: it produces a set of expected results across the entire prospect universe. Understanding which prospect groupings are expected to engage ahead of time allows the model to function as an ongoing optimization tool.

Beyond simply evaluating the acquisition effort based on opt-ins, conversions, and ROI, backend results analysis and subsequent optimizations involve asking: Were the hypotheses proven or disproven? Did results align with expectations? Were there unexpected results? Every acquisition effort should produce better results than the previous. We strike gold when we discover a previously unidentified new segment and expand our marketable universe.

Customer Analytics
Marketing Performance Management Frameworks


Early and personalized engagement between a new customer and a brand drives repeat purchases and increases the average transactional spend. When a customer opens the line of communication, relevant and personalized messaging is the doorway to building a relationship.


Understanding a brand’s customers’ transactional behavior, preferred communication channels and propensity for product preferences are vital elements to expanding your brand value.  Retaining and growing customers relies on a matrix of customer categorization via segmentation, scoring, testing, and optimization.

Social Media Analytics
Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning


Looking at a customer's interactions and behaviors over time will identify actionable insights and optimize the customer journey and lifetime value.




A 1,000-store U.S. women’s retail clothing chain turned to Allant to overhaul its loyalty program and improve and track customer engagement.

Insurance/Financial Services

Insurance/Financial Services

Allant helped one of the nation’s largest insurance providers improve multisourced data access and analytics to support marketing across multiple business units.



This major wireless telecom provider needed a solution that would stitch together online and offline behavior to improve customer targeting and reduce attributable sales cost.

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