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At Allant Group, our data-driven marketing solutions draw from a wide range of data sources and apply advanced analytics to paint an accurate, detailed picture of your best customers and prospects — who they are, where they live, what they like, how they shop and more — to get marketing results faster, more efficiently and effectively.

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Segmentation & Derived

Why Data from Allant?

Data independent

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Data-driven marketing tools

Data Evaluations

Allant’s data independence means we can test and evaluate multiple data sources looking at all factors: coverage, performance and cost. An evaluation can provide direction when making decisions regarding differences and similarities among data sources. We do this every two years on most of our data assets. Many data engagements start with the Allant team completing a data review to create a customized recommendation. The data review includes:

An understanding of your current data sourcing and marketing strategy

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A data audit to document what data you are currently receiving along with a cost analysis

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A customized recommendation of data sources that will increase your targeting performance and offer cost-effective access for your data solution

Data Integration

Leverage Allant’s advanced, highly flexible identity resolution and data platform capabilities to significantly accelerate the speed of data preparation and integration. Using advanced data hygiene, linking and enhancement tools, we can simplify and clean the data so it’s usable for analysis. Then we’ll put it to work through data engineering services that include data aggregation, manipulation, derived attribution creation, scoring, response attribution and custom business rules.

Data-driven marketing tools

Email Hygiene

  • Email Update
  • Email Change of Address

Phone Hygiene

• Phone Number Verification
• Data Automation

Address Hygiene

• Address Standardization/CASS™ Certification
• USPS National Change of Address (NCOALink®)
• Change of Address Plus (COA+ )
• Delivery Point Validation- DPV®
• Delivery Sequence File DSF2®
• Locatable Address Conversion System LACS®
• Proprietary Enhanced Address Knowledge (PEAK)
• Suppressions: Profanity; Military; Deceased; Prison; DMA Mail Preference

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Targeted Media Performance

Why pay twice? Our 3rd party data partnerships allow us to offer a rebate on digital audience fees when running media across select Platinum Network partners, including DV360, the TradeDesk, Centro and few others when licensing our offline data.

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Location-Based Data

Determine what is driving location visits while
measuring foot traffic patterns to connect with and
understand audiences with our location-based data.
This data, collected weekly, allows you to leverage
cleansed anonymous location data from over 200 million unique devices to execute on audience strategy.

Email Database / Append

Allant’s email database contains over 521 million
active and historical emails that can be leveraged to
enhance your digital audiences. Our email append
solution accesses 321 million active, deliverable, and
marketable email addresses to increase the number
of deliverable email addresses of existing customers,
all of which are permission based.

Anonymous To Known Identification

Identify anonymous web traffic for actionable insights
and holistic views of current or future customers,
enabling targeted personalization through direct mail,
email, display, social and more.


Gain an effective and efficient means to contact noncustomers via email with Allant’s e-acquisition
service while protecting your IP from becoming
blacklisted. This data also gives you the ability to
send a one-time email message to customers,
seeking permission to continue to contact them.

In-market Digital Interest/Intent

Our providers mine a vast amount of digital cross device data for insights on interests / behaviors, available on a weekly basis, to enhance customer relationship management (CRM) lists, personalize offers and identify ideal in-market customers and prospects.


Email Change Of Address (ECOA) keeps your email
lists up-to-date by identifying bad emails and
updating them with good ones. Patented ECOA
technology updates up to 15+% of the bouncing/
inactive email addresses in your file.

Onboarding Services

Access to some of the largest* deterministic identity graphs to enable omnichannel targeting and measurement with Allant’s Data Management Platform (DMP) Partners. *Includes over 200 million digitally active consumers and over 500 Demand Side Platforms (DSP) including all social media entities. Allant compliments these services with superior onboarding match rates through our data quality, hygiene and enhancement capabilities, in addition to our white glove customer service. Allant also offers independent digital measurement for true ROI and omnichannel attribution.


SafeToSend email validation takes a customer email
list, checks for deliverability, corrects spelling or
formatting errors and protects against spam filters,
providing you with a clean, usable email file—that is
100% guaranteed to be deliverable to an active email

Data Expertise



We offer data-driven marketing solutions that draw
from more than 200 million consumers and 3,000
categories to identify best customers and find more
like them to strengthen relationships, create
audiences, fine-tune offers and improve cross-selling.

Purchase Behavior/Transaction

Allant’s purchase behavior data includes
transactional and actual buying history (recency,
frequency, and dollars spent) from more than 2,000
direct-to-consumer companies.

Summarized Credit

This data is calculated by aggregating the available
consumer credit data within a ZIP+4 geographic
area. It does not provide individual
consumer credit histories, but rather depicts the
consumer credit activity in a neighborhood.


The voter file represents approximately 126 million
registered voters across the U.S. These individuals
are excellent prospects for a variety of targeted
offers including those that are politically and socially

Life Interest

This data includes more than 1,200 self-reported
elements from consumers who have completed
surveys on leisure activities, brand preferences,
computer ownership, occupations, ailments, diet,
fitness, financial products, reading, etc.

Life Event Triggers

We leverage our multisource customer data to
identify important life events that can predict and
trigger demand for products and services.


Our wealth data is powered by more than a half
trillion data points and uses proprietary learning
science to create unique profiles based on net
worth, giving capacity, cash on hand and investible

Farm and Agriculture

Our farm data connects over 911 million acres of
farmland including 324 million acres of cropland and
34 million farm fields to more than two million active
farm owners and operators. Our provider, using
satellite-based remote sensing, can identify what the
crop is, where it is located and who is growing it.

Pre and Post Mover

Allant has several options to reach consumers at
stages in the moving process: pre-mover indicates a
household has put their home up for sale, premium
pre-mover indicates the home is under contract and
new mover indicates a household has just moved.

Data-driven marketing solutions
Tag Management



Our comprehensive business data includes 30+
million businesses, including millions of hard to find
and hard to reach small businesses. It combines
business demographic and credit information and
encompasses all industries and geographic regions.

New Business

Allant combines weekly and/or monthly new
businesses by partnering with several business data
and public sources to create more than 250,000
new business listings each month.


Lifestyle Segmentation Characteristics

Allant’s multi-sourced consumer data can be used to
identify important life stages or to group consumers
with similar demographic, lifestyle and media
consumption characteristics, allowing marketers to
align offerings, predict and trigger demand for
products and services. In addition, we offer a
proprietary, innovative program built specifically to
provide pinpoint targeting for the retail and
insurance industries.

Audience Propensities

Audience Propensities are a comprehensive suite of
integrated scores designed to predict consumer
behavior, as well as product and brand affinities.
Thousands of pre-built, propensity model scores are
available and require little configuration for audience

Derived Data

Allant’s unique offering, derived data, determines the
likelihood a customer will take a particular action.
These elements provide an opportunity to target
specific individuals, households, or businesses
based on past purchase behavior.

Affinity Solutions

Our affinity buyer graph contains 10+ billion
transactions and 4,000 banks/financial partners to
discover individuals purchase patterns and behaviors
using machine learning and analytics.


Allant’s healthcare data contains 160 million
anonymized claims and medical history info and has
HIPAA compliant modeling behind a firewall. This
data covers 12 health conditions, 18 health behaviors,
13 health screenings and 10 health family values.

Customer Data Platform


Auto ID

Auto ID is the largest privately sourced and
scrubbed VIN database and it’s fully compliant with
privacy laws. The data is 100% populated with
name, address, make, model and year derived
directly from Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN).

VIN Lookup

VIN decode API is a web service providing access
to richly detailed and precise vehicle information
including vehicle descriptors, specifications,
installed and optional equipment, warranty data,
OEM pricing, media, awards, and U.S. Government

Vehicle Verification

A means of obtaining detailed information about
vehicles and their ownership, providing alternative
methods of matching vehicle information against
state vehicle records. Data usage restrictions apply.

Weekly Fuel Report

Pricing reports, raw data, mobile apps and web-based pricing tools for the spot, wholesale rack
and retail fuel markets– some available in real-time or customizable.




A 1,000-store U.S. women’s retail clothing chain turned to Allant to overhaul its loyalty program and improve and track customer engagement.

Insurance/Financial Services

Insurance/Financial Services

Allant helped one of the nation’s largest insurance providers improve multisourced data access and analytics to support marketing across multiple business units.



This major wireless telecom provider needed a solution that would stitch together online and offline behavior to improve customer targeting and reduce attributable sales cost.