Build experiences that supercharge customer journeys

Create mutually beneficial experiences that earn consented, zero-party data to build trust and transparency and forge a deeper understanding of a customer’s needs, motivations, and intent.

Customer Focused

Allant’s Audience Engagement Console creates mutually beneficial digital experiences allowing consumers to define their own value exchange. By capturing consented first-party data, brands can learn about their customer preferences, motivation, and intent. This exchange of information allows brands to deploy adaptable, personalized experiences giving customers what they want when they want it.

Unified Platform
Campaign measurement framework

Strategically Designed

Our Audience Engagement Console builds strategies around relationships instead of transactions, creating previously unachievable levels of engagement, consumer insight, repeat interactions, and data quality. From implementing engaging experiences that gather the “right” information to leveraging that information into purchases and brand loyalty, Allant designs experiences that focus on moving prospects through the customer journey to become loyal advocates.

A customer’s journey is defined by the many interactions along their path, carefully crafted by a brand. Here’s how to supercharge your customer journeys.


Capture relevant data from your audience through experiences that convert leads into customers, increase the value of a sale, and decrease the time to purchase.

Advanced analytics
Omnichannel campaign management


Once the conversion to buyer has been made. It’s time to Introduce your product and services, learn more about their preferences, and develop a relationship that promotes product adoption and advocacy. Following these steps leads to increased satisfaction and stronger likelihood of a second purchase.


Keeping customers interested in your brand relies on a two-way dialogue. Listening and acting on customer communications, and offering something they value in return, is the key to reduced attrition and brand advocacy.

Advanced omnichannel campaign management
List Optimization


Driving long-term customer value is a result of steps along the journey. Creating experiences that capture consented data directly from customers, identifying preferences, providing informative brand comms, and delivering two-way engagement methods, is the path to customers fully adopting a brand. Allant helps brands create personalized experiences based on affinities and loyalty scores, program onboarding and engagement journeys.




A 1,000-store U.S. women’s retail clothing chain turned to Allant to overhaul its loyalty program and improve and track customer engagement.

Insurance/Financial Services

Insurance/Financial Services

Allant helped one of the nation’s largest insurance providers improve multisourced data access and analytics to support marketing across multiple business units.



This major wireless telecom provider needed a solution that would stitch together online and offline behavior to improve customer targeting and reduce attributable sales cost.

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