Crisis Dashboard

A forecasting tool for highly unpredictable times.

Prepare, plan and adjust for COVID-19 risk mitigation with data visualization.

Unstable and unpredictable times are an inevitable fact of life.  But understanding the perceptions and risk levels can help bring stability to difficult decision making.  Whether your business is a national chain or a regional operation, Allant’s Crisis Dashboard provides insights to help you determine the risk and the reality of what is occurring in areas where you do business.

Allant’s COVID-19 Dashboard helps you to:

  • Configure location openings and closures
  • Align supply chain needs to meet demand—whether growing or diminished
  • Plan for PPE and safety needs for employees
  • Predict staffing requirements
  • Design all marketing channels to align with brick and mortar openings and product availability

Allant’s Crisis Dashboard can be customized to allow you to maintain a holistic view of your physical stores or locations throughout phased re-openings while planning for traffic impacts.  As there are new learnings and data, those insights are continually applied to improve the quality and increase the accuracy of the results.  With up to the minute data to drive your forecasting, you have the ability to shift and adjust as the market demands.

The COVID-19 Dashboard can be customized to meet your business objectives. Below are some examples.

screen shot 1
geo details chart
nationwide alert graph

The base model is available at NO COST and includes:

  • COVID-19 infection rates by county, with daily updates, highlighting week-over-week trends
  • Interactive functionality with filters

Or, customize your dashboard to meet your needs

The Allant COVID-19 Dashboard is fully customizable, as shown above, and can be easily modified to overlay your data or third-party applications, such as:

  • Brick and mortar locations
  • Distribution center locations
  • Competitive locations—showing opened and closed sites
  • Status of other nearby businesses, which may impact yours
  • Customer files and databases, including by segment
  • Acquisition prospects

Any business with multiple locations would benefit from the valuable insights provided by this tool.  Whether you’re in the gaming, banking, retail, restaurant, telco, insurance, or medical support industries, this tool can be modified to meet your industry-specific needs.

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