Digital Intelligence Assessment

Benchmark Your Digital Investments

Introducing Allant's Digital Intelligence Assessment™

Know How Your CX Compares with Your Competitors

Together with a partner, Allant Group has a new offering called the Digital intelligence Assessment™ (DIA).  It’s a benchmarking service that compares your customer experience with over 15,000 best practice leaders across the web and provides a scoring method for understanding where you may need to invest to be competitive.

Here are the questions the DIA can answer:

  • Do we need to build (digital) products to meet customer demand/expectations?
  • Are we competitive in the digital arena?
  • What are our greatest strengths and weaknesses, by channel?
  • What is the lowest-hanging fruit?
  • What are other industries doing well in digital? Who should we be looking at to understand best in class experiences that shape our customers’ expectations of us on digital channels?
  • How/can we monetize our digital assets?
  • Are our customers at the center of our strategy?
  • Are we effectively leveraging automation technology, as well as customer and performance data to deliver 1:1 customer connections?

As you can see from the chart to the right, the pandemic has radically accelerated the timeline to seamless digital experiences. There has been 10 years' worth of shift to digital that occurred in 8 weeks! At this point, no company can ignore their customers’ experience online and most are investing aggressively.

Before you establish and prioritize your investment level, talk to us about the Digital Intelligence Assessment.  You can see a visual representation of how your website compares to those of your competitors.

website comparison chart

We are able to offer this assessment for mobile or web properties across the following channels:

  1. Website and Data Layer (Tags)
  2. Email
  3. Social Media
  4. SMS/Text
  5. Paid Media

Summary analyses start as low as $4,000 per channel. Please use the form below for a free consultation.

Specific to the retail industry, 83% of US shoppers said the pandemic has changed the way they shop. This chart highlights the rapid digital shift that has occurred. 

chart depicting growth

Data courtesy of ShawSpring Research