Email Validation

"The greatest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place." - George Bernard Shaw

Make sure your message lands with Allant Group’s SafeToSend® email validation.

SafeToSend email validation is an email address solution that takes your customer email list, checks for deliverability, corrects any spelling or formatting errors and protects against spam filters.  The result is a clean and usable email file, that comes with a 100% guarantee to be deliverable to an active email address.


  • Validates the email address
  • Confirms FreshAddress standards
  • Eliminates closed accounts
  • Corrects misplaced or transposed characters and symbols
  • Checks misspelled domain names
  • Protects against honeypots
  • Removes undesirable accounts, such as fake or malicious addresses, frequent complainers and disposable domains
  • Cross-references with Do Not Email list

Not only is it guaranteed, but it’s reasonably priced to fit most budgets. Prices start at just $1500 for 150,000 email addresses. Plus, implementation can happen in as quickly as 48 hours. Make sure your campaigns stand out with our SafeToSend Solution.

Contact us today to add SafeToSend to your email program.