Personalize Content - Match Intent - Improve Lead Performance

Geoforce, a leading global provider of satellite and cellular based rugged asset tracking solutions, utilized Allant’s Audience Engagement Console to quickly identify website visitors’ industry and needs, enabling them to deliver personalized content and improve lead performance.

The Challenge

Geoforce has website content catering toward 10+ different industries and needed to be able to responsively surface the right content accordingly. But how to they do this when they don’t know anything about the site visitor? They needed to create a seamless journey ensuring new visitors were efficiently directed toward the most relevant content based on industry and need, while still enabling them to easily contact sales and/or request a quote on the spot.

Our Solution

Allant deployed its Audience Engagement Console, on behalf of Geoforce, to optimize their inquiry and quote form. By creating an experiential digital modal, Geoforce is able to earn consented data directly from site visitors, which shortens the lead forms, improves completion rates, and passes data to Geoforce’s CRM database. This enables Geoforce to personalize welcome and follow-on communications with site visitors via mounted website content.

The modal immediately prompts the visitor to select which industry they represent. From there, the visitor can either branch off to relevant content or continue to provide more information about their specific needs. If they choose to browse, all content on the homepage is responsively personalized to their respective industry. If they choose to provide more information, they are given the option to be directed to either more specific content or a "Get a Quote” form. Regardless of path, once the visitor reaches the quote form, it is shortened by excluding form fill for all data (e.g., industry, asset type, # of assets, etc.) the visitor already responded with answers for within the modal.


Higher form submission rate

Lift in 'Get-A-Quote' form

Subsequent booked revenue

From the Client

"Allant enabled us to significantly streamline our web experience for our customers and prospects. Ongoing AB testing and optimization efforts should continue to increase our visibility into customer behavior, providing additional value to our business."




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