Are your marketing efforts being polluted
at the point of collection?

Ensure first-party and media performance data are being monitored accurately
across media types, applications, channels and business objectives
with TagScanTM from Allant Group.

TagScan detects issues with data collection and reports those that may be hurting your personalization efforts. By monitoring and continually auditing the data layer and user interactions across MarTech tools, TagScan gathers and unifies data into a more holistic picture of your marketing programs.

At the point of collection, TagScan ensures the ongoing performance of your data layer and the accuracy of behavioral data.  It ensures privacy requirements are met, identifies problems impacting business goals and more. All of this provides you with a better understanding of data quality and it allows you to implement best practices into your marketing processes.

TagScan is designed to help brands:

  • Optimize purchase flow
  • Eliminate wasteful advertising spend
  • Determine privacy compliance at the point of collection
  • Refine application of IT resources
  • Improve customer experiences
  • Accurate personalization and continuous CX improvement
  • Dynamic permutations of experience
  • Analyze tag and page performance
  • Enhance data collection quality

Better understand your customer behavior across all your properties and media channels.

tagscan flow

Contact Allant today to find out how you can implement TagScan Custom or TagScan Lite. 

With TagScan Lite, you get a snapshot to:

  • Review quality assurance
  • Identify tags that aren’t firing or carrying appropriate data
  • Ensure privacy requirements
  • Identify specific issues and their remediation URLs​

Or, amplify your capabilities with TagScan Custom. You’ll get all the features of TagScan Lite and you’ll also gain value from:

  • A 24-hour scan
  • Identification of issues for specific segments of users
  • Sources of intermittent data loss
  • A bespoke analysis of data gathered supporting your custom KPIs

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