Solutions to turn market challenges into opportunities.

Every industry faces a unique set of challenges. Allant Group delivers industry-specific solutions that turn those challenges into opportunities, guiding marketing strategies for improved customer acquisition, engagement and ROI.


Retailers have access to a vast amount of data on virtually every dimension of consumer shopping and purchasing behavior.

Allant helps retailers — brick-and-mortar, catalog merchants, e-tailers and omnichannel — harness that data to better understand each shopper in order to personalize the experience and build stronger relationships. We turn big data into the right data to reach shoppers and convert them into loyal customers. We help identify personal preferences, intent to purchase and other highly relevant information, at the same time measuring the return on every dollar of your marketing spend.


The insurance industry is in a state of rapid evolution, driven by changing demographics, evolving consumer expectations and transformative technology.

Allant gives carriers the ability to guide marketing strategy by leveraging advanced data analytics from multiple online and offline sources to understand and predict customer behavior. We help target interactions at the individual level, getting the right offering to the right consumer at the right time in the channel that the consumer prefers — and precisely measure the results.


Media and entertainment companies have huge amounts of customer and consumer data.

The challenge: making sense of that data and acting upon it in ways that reach and expand your audience, profitably. This is where Allant excels. Our services are designed to help you better understand and predict — from segment to individual levels — what content, features and products consumers want. This knowledge enables you to drive improved results and better measure returns on your marketing investment throughout the full customer life cycle.

Advertising Agencies

Allant’s leading marketing analytics expertise helps advertising agencies use the power of data to create transformative brand experiences across a multitude of platforms.

We gather and integrate user behavior data from ads, web browsing, email, social media, customer relationship management (CRM) and many other touch points to guide innovative, targeted and effective marketing strategies and creative approaches. Our sophisticated data, reporting and analytics solutions support measurement and attribution to help agencies achieve and demonstrate maximum ROI for their clients.

Travel and Hospitality

Technology has transformed the travel and hospitality business.

More than ever, customers expect a personalized experience, from booking to checkout and beyond. Allant assembles and leverages the data you need to deliver it. Our solutions provide an integrated view of every guest’s habits, needs and lifestyle preferences. You can then use that knowledge to create the perfect experience and target new offers and services to bring them back.

Gaming and Entertainment

The gaming industry enjoys access to a rich history of data on past, current and prospective customers, ranging from performance, event and dining preferences to gaming habits and average length of play.

Allant translates that data into insights for a 360-degree view of the casino patron to guide development and delivery of highly targeted marketing. From individualized incentives to attract specific guest profiles to segment strategies to fill rooms during off-peak seasons, our solutions deliver maximum marketing ROI.


Telecommunications companies have a unique opportunity to turn a huge amount of highly relevant customer information, such as usage, device and location, into new customer insights that can guide strategies to focus marketing on their best customers and reduce churn.

Allant’s advanced analytics enable precise segmentation to identify loyal customers with the highest potential lifetime value — and prospects with the same profile — and create proactive campaigns that target them at the exact time they are most likely to respond.

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