Allant Group Announces New Partnership with Evertreen

Collaboration helps reduce corporate carbon footprint by empowering employees to take sustainable actions.


Downers Grove, IL (April 20, 2023) – Allant Group LLC, a data-driven journey orchestration solution provider, and a VntCap Technologies LLC company, in an effort to help reduce our corporate carbon footprint, is pleased to announce its collaboration with

Evertreen’s technological advancements contribute to the wellbeing of our planet by sponsoring tree-planting across the world. They offer the only platform that allows users to plant real trees online and transparently track them via satellite. This allows sponsors to directly see the impact of the efforts they are funding. Evertreen’s tree planting efforts drive global reforestation efforts, raise awareness about the importance of ecosystem restoration, and support several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

As part of its corporate initiative to promote environmental sustainability, Allant is kicking off its Social Responsibility Program with its partnership with Evertreen and a commitment of funding the planting of 1,000 trees worldwide in 2023. This initiative will offset Co2 pollution, work towards alleviating poverty, improve water quality, and enrich the air we breathe.

“This partnership with a trailblazer like Evertreen represents a significant step forward by recognizing our social responsibilities in our sustainability journey,” said Michael D. Fisher, CEO at Allant Group. “We are proud to do our part to raise awareness, engage our internal community, and promote a positive impact on the environment for our people, planet, and business.”

Evertreen oversees the planting of trees directly by local farmers, which not only promotes environmental benefits, but also promotes social and economic benefits by offering stable employment for regional communities involved in the projects.

We encourage everyone to join us in our efforts to create a sustainable future for all. For more information on Evertreen, go to: and follow on LinkedInInstagram, and Facebook.

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