Keep it Real: Conversational Journeys for Higher Product Adoption 

Brands must be ready to engage with customers on any channel or device and provide a positive experience. To provide meaningful interactions, forward-thinking businesses are turning to conversational journeys.


Conversational Customer Journeys

It’s not a stretch to say that growing product adoption is crucial to business success. You can have all the website traffic in the world, but unless anyone clicks ‘buy now’, your business isn’t going to last long, 

Product adoption happens the moment a customer goes from exploring and trialing your product to committing to using it as a solution for their need. To help prospects along the product adoption journey, the brand experience has become increasingly critical.  

Brands must be ready to engage with customers on any channel or device and provide a positive experience. To provide these meaningful interactions, forward-thinking businesses are turning to conversational journeys. 

What is a Conversational Journey? 

Messaging is one of the most popular communication channels. It’s immediate, straightforward, and feels like a conversation. And all three of these factors are increasingly important to customers. Besides the 70% of people anticipating conversational experiences as standard, the expectation for immediacy has grown by 64% on average year on year. 

In response, businesses are adopting a dialogue-driven approach to all customer touchpoints. Where lead capture forms and long email exchanges once reigned, now brands use real-time dialogue to engage customers quickly. These genuine and useful touchpoints help build relationships with customers to foster trust and loyalty. 

Benefits of conversational journeys for product adoption 

Build stronger customer relationships 

A conversational journey requires brands to listen as much as speak. By genuinely understanding customer needs and requirements, and responding in real-time, businesses will be building much stronger relationships with brands.  

Get better customer insights into product adoption 

Conversational journeys unlock a wider range of customer data and feedback. Brands should be looking for both the best and worst areas of their customer journey – and it might not be what they expect. A 30-second feedback survey isn’t going to pick up the detailed feedback data that a live chat will. 

Help customers make better purchasing decisions 

By providing space for customers to interact, brands can answer their questions and reassure their doubts immediately. If you are listening to your customers at each touchpoint, you can quickly get them in front of the product or service that actually resolves their need. A win for both brand and customer. 

How to build personalized journeys that increase adoption 

Interactivity and personalization are at the heart of any conversational journey strategy. At every touchpoint with an organization, the customer should have the opportunity to connect with the brand on a human level. Use conversational flows to guide prospects through product features, provide tailored advice and recommendations, and deliver customer support.  

Here are a few proven methods of achieving this: 

Live chat 

41% of customers prefer to use live chat for customer support over other channels – a higher percentage than telephone, email, and social media. Live chat offers immediate, personalized help for minor queries. Allow website visitors to immediately start conversations, rather than fill out forms or wait for email replies, and most businesses will unlock higher conversion rates and product adoption. 


70% of millennials report positive experiences after using chatbots, according to Deloitte. This correlates with Hubspot’s findings that 40% of shoppers don’t mind if they converse with a human or AI tool as long as they get the information they want.  

Chatbots are quickly becoming the answer to quick repetitive information requests or queries. This allows brands to scale their customer service efforts and increase customer satisfaction through automation. 

Personalized product walkthroughs 

To increase product adoption, make the onboarding process as frictionless as possible. Introduce interactive product walkthroughs of apps or dashboards. Personalize account setup and onboarding so that customers can choose their learning path and quickly understand the features they are interested in.  

Best practices for conversational journeys 

Remember to listen as often as you speak 

Conversational journeys only work if they are genuinely two-way dialogues. If brands can’t use the information they receive to provide tailored recommendations, advice, or service, trust will be lost. Businesses must be able to feed information gained back into their CRM system so that any future interactions will be up to date. 

Gather valuable customer insight and action learnings 

Compared to more traditional customer journeys, the additional data and information gained from a conversational journey can be used to make better business decisions. It can strengthen your customer journey mapping and solidify your customer personas. Most importantly, it can help you identify the pain points and problem areas that hinder product adoption.  

Make customer engagement the focus 

One of the key strengths of conversational journeys is the ability to forge stronger relationships with customers. By engaging on a human level, brands can foster trust and loyalty, which leads to greater product adoption.  This should be the key focus. 

The round-up: keep it real 

The brand experience is increasingly becoming a key differentiator for businesses across industries. Providing immediate, proactive, and personalized customer service across platforms and devices is proving popular with customers.  

With the expectation for conversational journeys steadily increasing, connecting customers on a human level is increasingly key to higher product adoption. 

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